Thursday, May 23, 2019


Roberto Weir's new fictional counter-terrorism series is now available in audiobooks.  South Beach Salsa, and Judge & Jury promise to be two in a new hot series combining politics, history, and military genres, which provides insight into an historical event. 

A sampling of the audiobooks are found at these URLs at Amazon:

(1) South Beach Salsa

(2) Judge & Jury

(3) The Istanbul Conspiracy is in production

(4) Undercover Diplomats is in production

(5) The fifth in the series is in writing as I write.

Click on the link and check it out.

Till next time . . . be good and stay safe.


Friday, April 12, 2019


Fiction Probes History

Several new novels from writer Roberto Weir follow the age-old idea of expanding historical issues of public interest. In his seminal work South Beach Salsa: The Havana Connection, Weir actually predicted that the American President would change the prevailing Cuban policy from the 1960's and re-establish diplomatic relations with the Caribbean island. The story was being written three years before the actuality of the policy change but was postponed due to the author's illness. Now as in a hurry, after completing South Beach Salsa, Roberto Weir penned Judge and Jury, the Istanbul Conspiracy and Undercover Diplomats, which follow the efforts of James Donovan: Licensed to Kill as Chief of the Pentagon's Counter Terrorism Unit. South Beach Salsa has been produced as an audio book with the hope that it will be an entertaining item for those on a long three-hour drive this summer.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Its Clear as Oil on Water!

Someone should raise the cry that "Drill, Baby, Drill" Sarah Palin contribute at least 2 million dollars or the minimum of a second tithe to help BP put some people to work to clean-up the oil spill and insanity that we, Obama, and intelligent Democrats have been saying for years will take place. In case you forgot, this is why Democrats have hedged against off-shore drilling in certain places, and got upset with Dick Cheney's secret meeting with Big Oil in Palin's former State.

Perhaps, now, the ignorance of John McCain and his obstructionist crew will be clearly seen, and they will be forced to admit that a common sense policy about off-shore drilling needs to be sanely considered instead of the nasty, passion-inflamed senseless cry of a publicity-seeking, money-hungry twit shouting "Drill, Baby, Drill."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there are no Statesmen in the GOP, and there are none who have a hair's-breath of concern for people. It should be as clear as black Oil on blue Water that the Republicans and their sycophants care only about the profits their corporate bosses make.

So what is the answer for 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016? There should be not one Hispanic, Black, or college age student vote for a Republican candidate during the next decade. These people need to be brought to their knees at the ballot box. They need to understand that history is made from the bottom up, and that leaders only ride the crest of the wave coming in their direction.

The time is right, and the moment is now, to send out the call for the progressive liberals in America, who love God and love people, to stand for principle and do what is right. Laws are meaningless if they are not based on ethics and morality; and so far, the GOP's ethics and morality lay as clear as an ever-increasing black oil slick in and on blue water. By the way, the sincere GOP Christians who are close to God knew the prophecy of Revelation 16:3. Didn't they? It is clear that "Drill, Baby, Drill" knew it--of that I am sure, since God talks to her everyday.

For What it's Worth . . .

Monday, November 9, 2009


The Stage is set for 2010

Now that the Democrats have approved a measure for health care reform, the stage is set for us as Black and Brown voters to kick all Senators out of office who vote against the bill. We pay for their health care and give them huge pension funds upon retirement, but they begrudge poor people even the smallest of help. Thus, all Black and Brown voters need to reward them for their service. Kick them out!

Spread the word across every state that come 365 days from now, we will do what the NAACP voters did in 1934. Every Senator--Democrat or Republican--who votes "NO" will get a pink slip and rudely told to go look for another job. Spread the word and let us get voter's revenge for the 12 months of political abuse we have suffered.

People who have no ethics and no morality should have no place in the leadership of this country. These arrogant would-be leaders, who are devoid of human decency, keep lying about what"the American people" want. They have yet to admit that there are 200 million poor and working class Americans who have been abused by twelve years of Republican arrogance and conspiracy.

Here are a few issues for which Republicans will have to give answers in 2010: (1) Did the 5 years of Bush's Iraqi war and the missing billions contribute to the deficit? (2)Did the rape by contractors like Haliburton contribute to America's financial problems? (3)Did the republican conspiracy for no government restrictions on Wall Street contribute to America's economic problems? (4)Did the economy tank under Bush and Cheney, or was it Obama's fault like Michelle Backman, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele tell us? (5) Did the Bush tax cuts benefit the country's economy or did it add to the deficit? Did you take money from the Insurance companies for your political campaigns?

A word to the Senate democrats. Do not let Monday-morning armchair politicians delude you that a loss will backfire on Democrats. These people are paid pundits who talk on both sides in order to keep advertising dollars for their firms. They do not live out here in the streets; and they have no idea how the average American struggles to make life for his/her family. Consider this: If the Republicans succeed in killing the health care bill, their victory will be short-lived. So they win the white house and the Congress, but their insurance buddies will fleece Americans. By the end of five years, the Republican Party will be so low in the hearts and minds of the people that they will have to literally go out and pay for votes. The worse thing that can happen to the Republican Party is a Democrat defeat on the health care vote.

Finally, Joe Lieberman has always been a Republican and should get the boot by every honest voter in the state. Even Jews in Florida have been saying it for years now . . . and the time has come.

For What its Worth . . .

Black Issachar

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Republicans Celebrate with Limbaugh Leading the Rally

At 12 noon today the news reported gut-wrenching statistics. The number of American families on food stamps had increased by more than 13% this quarter. The number of families dropping to the poverty line of $12-13,000 per year increased by some 11%. The average income of the 6 million wealthiest Americans earned for them more than eleven and one half times the poverty income ($138,500) so far for the year, while most family incomes dropped below $50,000. I flipped the channel in time to hear Rush Limbaugh blame President Obama.

Limbaugh sneered in his scornful way: "I though Obama was going to take from the rich and give to the poor, so what about the minimum wage? How come he hasn't done this?"
What this Republican hypocrite refused to tell his listeners was that for the past 7 months, the Republicans by conspiracy have blocked every measure brought before the senate. Their actions were so scripted that more than a few well-known Republicans began referring to their leaders as the party of "No!" Limbaugh also forgot to mention that a Republican Congress of 12 years under Bush 43 debated for almost five years to raise the minimum wage $2.00, and they only grudgingly voted for it after the people kicked them out of office in 2006. And even then, the Republicans insisted that the raise should only take effect $1 per year at a time.

Now everyone already knows that Rush Limbaugh is the world's biggest hypocrite, but how could he forget to tell people that for almost 4 or 5 years he was heard railing against a minimum wage increase because it would ruin small businesses. How could he ignore the lack of compassion in the Compassionate conservatism he espoused after he played golf with Bush 41. But what is most damning of all is his callous insistence that Obama, only 7 months in office, is somehow responsible for the plight of the poor, the fraud on wall street, the raping of America's financial system and Republican lack of oversight, the Abrahamoff scandal that sent many Republicans to jail, the Madoff scandal that hurt even foreign countries, and it is all the fault of this black "guy" who was not born in America, and who wants to destroy America, and whom he wants to "fail."

What stench from what stagnating cesspool? Meanwhile, his Republican sycophants, who hope against hope that Rush's 2 million faithful might pick one of them to be the standard-bearer in a new Fascist-type administration, are joyfully exuberant because the public opinion has been defeated in the Finance Committee. They cheer as Limbaugh lead the rally.

Good! So let it be . . . this is a good time to fight . . . and may God defend the right.

Spread the word you students . . . send this across the landscape by word or mouth, and let everyone who is now 16 and over get ready to throw the bums out. Remember, according to the rules, even after they change boundary lines like Tom Delay did in Texas before he was forced to run for cover, a majority wins. This time, let us throw out all Senators who vote against Obama and the public option. They may kill this bill, but let them feel the sting of our shoes as they scramble to look for jobs from the people they want to champion. Let us do in 2010 and 2012 what Americans did in 1932 and 1934. In 1934, they kicked out 26 Senators who had the audacity to defame and denigrate Black people. This time, the Republicans have gone too far. They have shamelessly targeted the poor, the hard-working, and the people who only want a chance to live honorably. And may God defend the right as we fight.

For What it's Worth . . .

Black Professor

Monday, September 28, 2009


Start the Voter Revenge Campaign against Anti-Obamacare Senators

Black & Brown Voters’ Revenge: The Campaign against Anti-Obamacare Senators

Sometime in the summer of 1930, according to historian Kenneth W. Goings, W.E.B.DuBois suggested that members of the NAACP campaign against all Senators who had voted for the elevation of Judge John J. Parker to the U. S. Supreme Court (Goings, 54). At issue was the fact that President Herbert Hoover had nominated Judge John J. Parker, a racist judge, to the highest court in the land. Without even a semblance of remorse for his past opinions, it was clear from court records that Parker had a distinct distaste for Negroes and always ruled against them regardless of the merits of the case before him.

Division within the NAACP was so hot with this issue that Dubois resigned as editor of the Crisis, which increased the power of Walter White as secretary of the NAACP. Robert Bagnall, director of branches assisted by others led the fight against Senator Allen of Kansas, who was one of the pro-Parker Senators. This initiative resulted in the defeat of Senator Allen, and spawned letters of congratulations from NAACP chapters across the country. This set the stage for a shift in the “nonpartisan” attitude of the NAACP, which let them know that the organization needed to adopt a more political attitude. Consequently, as cited by Goings from NAACP branch files G-224, Walter White wrote that senators who voted to confirm Judge Parker be singled out for removal from the senate. He said furthermore: “Our slogan must be: Any Negro is a traitor to his race who votes for any senator who voted for Parker.” (Goings, 59) The following election saw 26 Republican Senators thrown out of office by the NAACP with the help of labor. Black voter vengeance had been vindicated.

The time has come for Blacks in America to go back to 1932, if not to Gary, 1972. Our slogan should be “any black person who does not vote against all Republican Senators and those Democrats who vote against Obamacare should be considered a traitor to his race.” No longer can Republicans claim to be bi-partisan; and no longer should blacks and Hispanics be persuaded by the rankest of disdain and defamation as demonstrated with the vitriolic attack on both Obama and Judge Sotomayor.

The issue is clear, and Republicans have drawn the battle lines in favor of Corporate America. In Republican ideology Insurance companies and the profits of wealthy people are more important than people. These members of the GOP have advocated by their rhetoric that 290 million poor and working Americans should have no say in this country. Every distasteful argument has been used to delay and confuse the benefits of Healthcare reform; and every hateful and insulting caricatures have been displayed with tacit approval. Thus, we are left to conclude that if it is left up to Republican Senators like Grassley of Iowa, the corporations should be left alone to determine our destiny. Maybe some day someone will sponsor a bill to take away free healthcare from Congress persons, reduce their exorbitant pensions, and put them on Medicare.
Almost 40 years ago Black political thought was seriously divided in Gary, and the hopes for a Black Political Party never materialized. Yet, Biblical prophecy makes it clear that black Americans, as descendants or former slaves, are the only ones with the political understanding of the times to know what the nation ought to do. Consequently, it seems that the time has come for Blacks to exact voters’ revenge for all the more than 100 years of political double-talk, denigration, defamation and nastiness of the Republican Party.

Consider the history:

(1) 1866 – The Memphis Police Race Riot in which white policemen murdered 46 blacks, burned down 94 homes, 4 churches, and 12 schools, besides stealing more than $2,000 from the families of black soldiers, and raping 6 black women. It was this massacre that prompted the Republicans to pass the 14th and 15th amendments. But the main focus was so they could use black votes to control Congress.

(2) 1877 – The Compromise of 1877 in which the Republican Party sold out the interests of black Americans into a worse peonage than slavery even though they had given them the right to vote forbidden them to own land, and was capitalizing off that vote. Even so, Blacks voted Republican for 60 years and supported the Republican Party until after the Parker fight.

(3) 1932-34 – Because Herbert Hoover nominated a southern racist, Judge John J. Parker to the U. S. Supreme Court, African Americans switched their voting habits from Republican to Democrat. It was better they said to vote for a known evil than to be stabbed in the back by hypocrite Republicans.

(4) 1948 – Even though Black soldiers returning from WWII where they fought to liberate white people were lynched while wearing their uniforms, Blacks voted in record numbers to elect Harry Truman. History shows that Black votes in key northern states were responsible for Truman’s victory. It was due to the threat of defeat that the Democratic Party adopted a strong pro-civil rights stance.

(5) 1963 – Because Senator John Kennedy made an attempt to console the late Coretta Scott King during the wrongful arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Martin Luther King that African Americans voted overwhelmingly to elect the first Roman Catholic President to office. The 118,000 votes by which Kennedy won were decidedly black votes.

(6) 2000 – Blacks were smarting under the Gingrich’s Contract with America and the hurt began by the Reagan presidency. Clinton had been forced to comply with a Republican-controlled Congress and wound up taking the blame for misdirection in Foreign policy. In addition, the Republican controlled Congress scuttled the debate on Healthcare before it really began. Thus, they were determined to elect Al Gore. The world knows that Al Gore got more than a half million more popular votes than Bush 43, but the Republican juggernaut led by James Baker of the former Bush administration played a scripted political conspiracy to elect George Bush despite the preference of the American voter. In a vote of 5 to 4 across party lines the Supreme Court justices handed the presidency to George W. Bush.

(7) 2004 – Determined to stop the Republican conspiracy to deal fraudulently with black votes, an all-out campaign was waged to ferret out Conservative conspiracies. It became obvious very early in the campaign that the Republicans were facing an uphill battle. To counter an oncoming defeat, Jeb Bush, brother to the candidate, and Katherine Harris, the intimidating Secretary of State, hired a private firm to compile a list of felons, with the express purpose of denying them the right to vote in accordance with Florida Law. The problem is that the felonious Florida felony list contained some 5,000 names of blacks who had never even seen the inside of a court room. The result was that people were systematically denied the privilege granted them by the 15th Amendment of 1868. The distasteful cut of all was that the Bush campaign, advised by James Baker of the previous campaign, settled the matter out of court with a settlement of one million dollars. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, this news was hidden away in the back pages of most newspapers.

(8) In 2008, determined to thwart any conspiracy from any where, every effort was made by Democrats and a multitude of young College and University students to police the polls. Many enthusiasts reported conspiracies by computer manufacturers who programmed computers to tally votes for Republican candidates instead of the Democrats actually chosen by the voters. Despite all the watch-dog tactics, Ohio became a battle ground where some polls closed early, and others did not have sufficient ballots for the overwhelming numbers of voters. Nevertheless, the people elected Barack Obama, the bi-racial son of a white mother and black father.

(9) The immediate onslaught and venom of Conservative talk show hosts, the despicable disrespect for a Black president by Republican leaders, their open call for public disruption of town hall debates on healthcare reform, the subtle subliminal suggestion that it was okay to carry guns to meetings attended by thousands of people, and the open suggestion of another “tea party revolution” clearly demonstrated that the Republican Party does not have the kind of leadership that should be entrusted with any public office. There is not one man among them that has the kind of integrity of which great leaders are made. Any public figure that can sit by and remain silent in the face of the abuse heaped upon President Barack Obama is not worthy to be called a human being much less a leader of people. Common decency and human courtesy demands adherence even to Law and the presupposition that “all men were created equal.”
Because of the foregoing, all Blacks and Browns who vote for a Republican in 2010 or 2012 ought to be ostracized as a traitor to the cause of ‘We the People’.

The bottom line for you, the reader is clear. Unless you take home $250,000 this year, you have no business even thinking about a Republican candidate, because they have no integrity and have no compassion for people who, not only pay their salary, but people who are always left holding the blank checks of the economy. And to blame an Administration or its policies after only 6 months in office is to further demonstrate the callous disregard they have for the truth. Our position is clear: “Let none of us give one vote to a Republican candidate . . . not now . . . not ever!”

Black Professor

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Obama Brings it in the Fourth Quarter

The last time I spoke to the President, about 5 months before the election, I was convinced that he had a brilliant mind. I also felt that whether he played chess or not, his was the kind of thought analysis that could set the Republicans up every time they turned around. It reminded me of what I was told the day I entered High School at the age of 10. My mother said to me: "Son, you have to be three times smarter than the rest of them because of the color of your skin. Remember now, if you are just average they will always put you last, and find every excuse to take away any opportunity for success. You may not understand what I'm saying now, but you will."

What the Right don't know is that the President is three times smarter than they are, and has set them up. Having shown the kind of vitriolic, money-grabbing, charlatans that they are, the Republicans find themselves in a kind of quicksand hole that keeps getting wider and wider and wider as they sink lower and lower and lower. Not only has the American public seen that they openly favor corporate profits over people, but even World policy-makers and diplomats now realize that President Obama is light years ahead of any Republican when it comes to statesmanship.

"Oh!" they say, he wastes his time on Healthcare when he should be concentrating on Afghanistan." But no, the others say, he doesn't care about the American people and keeping costs down because he wants to spend more money in Afghanistan, besides, he is a Socialist, Communist, Arab Muslim who was born in another country, and has come here to destroy America. What dribble . . . and what hypocrites!

I heard some diplomat friends say when I was overseas recently that everyone in London and all Blacks and Whites in the Caribbean are hoping that 25.6 million Blacks and 26.1 million Hispanics combine to vote against the Republicans and lock them out of American politics for generations to come. Is that possible? Yes it is! Why? Because Obama has set them up.

The Republicans led by Michael Steele are, as Scripture says, "wise in their own conceits." Those who grovel at the feet of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Pallin, and Glen Beck are so out of touch that they do not know a few simple facts of life in America. They do not know:

(1) That statistics are showing that the increasing U.S. Population are all below the $250,000 annual level, which means that the poor and working classes are increasing by leaps and bounds every year.

(2) They are so 'smart' that they can't see that the political strength is now in the hands of college-age students who do not want to pick beans and fruit for a living.

(3) That the millions of young people who were between 14 and 17 in 2008 will be of voting age in 2012, and will be less inclined to vote for old reactionary rich people who won't even admit that people are more important than corporations. What?

Good work Mr. President. This is the fourth quarter, let's take it to them. They are so far out in left field, it will take a brand new political coalition to win at the polls. Besides, youth resents being dictated to, and there is not one Republican leader who has a conciliatory spirit--especially not the Wonder Woman from Alaska.

For What it's Worth . . .

Black Professor

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